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Ro Sham Beaux

- 122 N. Main St.

Shuttle Stop: 25 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Uptown Main

Ro Sham Beaux takes a fresh approach to lighting and furniture design with an eye towards the future and a reverence of the past. We pride ourselves in uncompromising craftsmanship and impeccable service, utilizing sustainable materials whenever possible. Recycled steel/beads, hemp, and organic cotton are but a few materials used in creating our product line.

Ro Sham Beaux was created to raise the standard in new and unique design. In addition to our production collection, Ro Sham Beaux specializes in Bespoke services to the trade and hospitality industry, allowing designers to create lighting for their particular style and application. Ro Sham Beaux's designs are in some of the finest homes and commercial spaces from Southampton, N.Y. to Beverly Hills.

Our product line captures the essence of functional art while bringing a whimsical element of beauty and durability to the forefront. Ro Sham Beaux is, Elegant Sustainability.