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Knorr Marketing

Plaza Suites - 1-527 #15, Floor 1
Area: HFA Retailer Resource Center

Shuttle Stop: 3 (Green Line)

Neighborhood: Downtown Main

Knorr Marketing is a Full Service Advertising Agency and Marketing Firm. We build strategic marketing programs that allow home furnishing retailers to increase sales and gain market share.

We believe in shaping and communicating your brand promise to effectively differentiate yourself from everyone else. Knorr Marketing can help create a unique experience for your customers that builds a successful retail brand.

Knorr Marketing can help empower you to inform, inspire, and strengthen your marketing!

• Responsive Websites
• Social Media
• Email Campaign
• Pay per Click
• Print
• Google AdWords
• Direct Mail
• Circular Programs
• Broadcast (TV and Radio)
• In Store Advertising
• Reputation Management
• 360° Virtual Store Tour

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July 4th Video Example

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Memorial Day Example

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Fathers Day Video Example

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What Does Knorr Do?