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Abner Henry Fine Furniture

- 333 N. Hamilton St.

Shuttle Stop: 19 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Hamilton Wrenn

“We want to create the heirloom pieces that will be handed down to your children and their children”

Building furniture has become an amazing opportunity to provide our customers with heirlooms that can be handed down to future generations. Unlimited custom, "Abner Henry BLACK" became a larger portion of our business. Eventually, this business grew to the point where we had to build a larger manufacturing facility to fill the requests. Abner Henry BLACK – the industry’s only hand crafted, fully custom offering -- was born. And we are thankful to say there isn’t anything you can dream that we can’t create. The only limitations are your imagination and your pocketbook.

Abner Henry is and always will be unique in the world of furniture. We take our jobs very seriously and constantly strive to deliver the highest quality possible. But I want to also say that our work is about who we are. Our beliefs and our faith. The Abner Henry dream is to keep our community working. No matter what happens, we will always have our spirit, our mind and our faith.

I look forward to meeting you personally,

Ernest Hershberger