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- 326 N. Hamilton St.

Shuttle Stop: 19 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Hamilton Wrenn

Founded in 1959, Soicher Marin makes its name by selling decorative art and fine art to the interior design and architecture world. Our brand is a signature style of simplicity and elegance that has become known throughout the industry as “the Soicher Marin look”. But, the true power of Soicher Marin lies in the unparalleled depth and variety in our library of images. Today, our digital archive of art-on-demand has surpassed the fifteen-thousand file mark. Ranging in subjects from early botanicals, rare architectural, textile designs from all points on the globe, landscapes, maps and city scenes.

Working Title Decoupage Art Plates

In 1959 Eduardo Marin and Harry Soicher set up their first workshop in the historical center of Interior Design in Los Angeles on La Cienega Blvd. They framed fine prints and paintings by hand for a select number of customers, using rules which regarded authenticity and elegance as the aesthetic law for their young company. For the next fifty years, the name SoicherMarin would be synonymous with quality, design authenticity and elegance.

Those rules and skills established mid-century have been passed down to Eduardo’s son Ed and his team, who in the 1990’s expanded into a new large workshop in Los Angeles. They furnished their new studio with the modern technology that would later give rise to new and more creative ventures. During this period and for the next 20 years, the younger Mr. Marin and his team of designers would collect and archive an assortment of more than 30,000 images that are now the foundation of the product you hold in your hands. Today, a third generation is championing the ideas of those that created our company. And with that, was born the Working Title division of SoicherMarin.

Working Title is a company born out of love for the image. Like in the framed creations at SoicherMarin, the “framing” of the image within each shape of glass creates its own aesthetic, its own point of view. The size, shape, curves and depth is carefully chosen to respect and celebrate the art residing in each lovingly handmade work of art on glass. There is no rushing our process and for that reason, what you have purchased is artisanal in nature and worth waiting for. We encourage you to use your Working Title decoupage in the most creative ways, but please do not immerse in water. Wipe the surfaces clean with a damp cloth. Your Working Title decoupage will be around to pass on to your next generation of collector.

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