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Fine Art Lamps

IHFC - C229, Commerce, Floor 2

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Fine Art Lamps is world-renowned for original, elegant lighting designs favored by discerning designers, architects, consumers, and luxury homebuilders.

Founded in 1940, the company has established a long tradition of fine quality hand craftsmanship and artistry. Today, Fine Art Lamps serves an international clientele with galleries in over seventy countries around the world.

In all, Fine Art Lamps represents the singular vision of skilled designers, craftspeople, artists, and associates working together to create unique works of art – an intricate blend of Old World tradition melded with New World innovation providing designer lighting fixtures worthy of our customer’s confidence.

Exquisite finishes are the company's hallmark, and many finishes take countless steps to achieve the desired effect. Each finish is handcrafted making it a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Through Fine Art Lamps Customization Program, many fixtures can be tailored to create your own custom work of art. The program allows you to make modifications to our existing design or we can execute your original design concept, providing added range and flexibility for all our valued Fine Art Lamps customers.

Fine Art Lamps vast array of original and customized fine lighting designs makes any environment come to life.

5pm - 7pm, April 14

Meet & Greet Cocktail Party


Fine Art Lamps, IHFC, Commerce, Floor 2

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Join us for our bi-annual industry mixer and meet with one of our Guest Designers, Alex Woogmaster. Our collaboration has resulted in two unique and exquisite collections featuring our American-made Studio Glass. Stop by to say hello and enjoy some great bites, drinks & music!

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Fine Art Lamps Brand Video

Lior by Alex Woogmaster for Fine Art Lamps