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Calligaris USA, Inc.

IHFC - H524, Hamilton, Floor 5

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse

Modern, surprising and innovative, inspired by Italian design: these are the Calligaris products.

Calligaris – Italian Smart Design Since 1923

Having always worked with passion and dedication, ninety-four years is a milestone we are very proud to have reached. We are tenacious in finding advanced and functional technical solutions, uncompromising in the quality of materials and workmanship, creative in designing contemporary and elegant shapes and finishes, ready to fill home around the world with beautiful and functional furniture and accessories.

Our task, what we have always loved to do, is to design products that are intelligent as well as beautiful. We look at the smallest details to give our furniture surprising technical features – which we define as smart details: mechanisms which are both innovative and simple, that turn a coffee table into a large dining table or a sofa into the ultimate spot for relaxation. We experiment with materials and colors to make endless combinations which are forward thinking, leaving you the possibility to free your imagination and create unique spaces.

When it comes to furnishing, we believe that the only rules that count are quality and innovation, values which Calligaris has always invested in.

Backstage - My Home catalog 2013

Calligaris - Here we are now!

Calligaris "Variations" by Stephen Burks