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Mercana Furniture and Décor

C332 - IHFC, Commerce, Floor 3

Like many great rock bands and Silicon Valley start-ups we began operations in the Smith family garage. Over the decades as a “design-first” company, we’ve introduced unique pieces that inspire. We’re out to provide an experience as refreshingly different than our products.

Mercana Furniture & Decor creates custom designed home furnishings and decor at unparalleled wholesale prices. Furniture, Wall Décor, Lighting and Accessories.

From earthy to the polished, we offer a range of popular styles; Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Nautical, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Farmhouse, North Woods, Urban Modern.

Furniture: Showcasing neutral tones, wood and metal surfaces with utilitarian appeal. We forego the fussiness found in classic styling.

Lighting: We like blending contemporary and modern details. Mixing wood and metals, geometrical shapes, smooth curves, ornate details or beads to bring elegance to a room.

Wall Decor: A lineup of over 5,000 pieces of artwork including Oil Paintings, Canvas and Framed Art we have the latest trends and styles. Craftsmanship developed over two decades, we have exclusive treatments that enhance our pieces. We feature unique Mirrors, Clocks and Alt Wall alone or in collections that will wow.

Accessories: Because… It’s all about the details. We love dreaming up those signature pieces and bringing new perspective, scale and style to classic favourites. Thousands of objects, vases, candle holders, bookends, trays etc. all quick ship ready.