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Covering more than 13 city blocks, Market offers almost endless opportunities to explore. This handy field guide gives you a great way to make your next discovery. Dividing Market into eight neighborhoods, we’ve highlighted major buildings, a few fun spots, and some great local eateries. Take a look. See what strikes your fancy – and get on the road to your next fabulous find!

Commerce Concourse

Shuttle stops: Green Line 1, 2, 13 | Red Line 1, 15, 16

This is the center of Market. All shuttles arrive and depart from the Transportation Terminal. Rising above the Terminal is the 5-wing, 11-story IHFC building, which alone houses more showrooms than many entire home furnishings shows. Stroll across the Concourse past Center Stage (home to Stars Under The Stars) to the Showplace building, to see five more floors of showrooms, or take a walk down Hamilton Street to see some of Market’s largest standalone showrooms.


Christopher Guy


Hamilton Wrenn North

Shuttle Stops: Red Line 16-25

Expansive showrooms of major home furnishings brands line the streets of this richly populated neighborhood. Across Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, the Hamilton Wrenn Design District, known as “the five star part of Market,” is home to a great variety of high-end, design-oriented showrooms.

Century Furniture

Alfonso Marina Y Compania

Highland House

Uptown Main

Shuttle Stops: Red Line 25, 26

A selection of standalone showrooms featuring everything from high-end luxury goods to more promotional price points. Enjoy an old fashioned Main Street shopping experience as you shop the fashion forward exhibitors in the Off-Main Design District. Also home to one of Market’s newest venues, The Point.

Aidan Gray

Orfeo Quagliata Studio


North Elm

Shuttle Stops: Red Line 27, 28

Known for its collection of designer-oriented showrooms, this easy-to-walk neighborhood offers a fine selection of unique and artisan products. While you’re here, stop in to the upscale B&B, Pandora’s Manor, at 407 West High St., at stately, 111-year-old home with a stunning stained-glass portrait of the original lady of the house.

Elijah Leed Studio

Objects & Accents

Design Legacy

Market Square & Elm

Shuttle stops: Green Line 5, 14 | Red Line 14, 29

The old Tomlinson Chair Factory is home to Suites at Market Square (SAMS), our only temporary showroom space, and Market Square Tower, where you’ll find some of the world’s best known rug, fabric, and furniture brands. The eight floors of Commerce & Design offer products in every category and style, and 220 Elm features high-end contemporary style, plus mass-market majors.


Doug Frates Glass

Ella Home

Russell & Green

Shuttle Stops: Green Line 5, 6, 7, 8

From value-priced importers to European antiques and reproductions, fine hand crafted made in USA upholstered goods, and luxury designer lines, this little corner of Market is full of great finds.

Huntington House

Art Addiction

Najarian Furniture Company

Downtown Main

Shuttle Stops: Green Line 3, 4, 9, 10

Along Main Street from Commerce Avenue to Green Street, you’ll find IHFC Main, the first major High Point Market venue, featuring 10 floors of suppliers serving every category. On the other side of the street, National Furniture Mart, Furniture Plaza, and Plaza Suites, fill almost the entire block with exhibitors, while standalone showrooms fill storefronts all the way down Main St. to Grimes Avenue, ending at the multi-tenant Atrium On Main.

Lexington Home Brands

Olliix Design Center

John Thomas Furniture

Centennial Wrenn South

Shuttle Stops: Green Line 3, 10, 11, 12, 13

This is a great little area to explore, filled with exhibitors presenting products in every price point. Schwung Home anchors the high end, and multi-tenant buildings Market On Green, Home Fashions Resource Center, and Center Point on Manning, Centennial, Russell, and Hamilton offer a full array of options plus a complete suite of comforts and amenities.

Schwung Home

Emerald Home Furnishings