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Style Spotters

Meet your trend-setting guides to the styles of 2017

The High Point Market Style Spotters are home fashion leaders who showcase the top new styles of each Market. For 2017, four fashion-forward teams will tour High Point’s showrooms to track the latest trends and post their favorite looks to special Pinterest boards. Click the pictures below to track each team’s picks and share their discoveries at Spring Market.

Summer/Fall 2017 Style Report

See the best of the new, as selected by our Style Spotter duos

Eras past re-emerge in luxury. White goes hot in myriad shades and textures. Metals take a brassy turn. Furniture becomes an art form as art takes the form of furniture. Irregular shapes, unexpected angles, and clean lines intriguing edge. Read on for a full review of the styles and tones that are setting the shape and tenor of the new season.

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So, You Want To Be A Style Spotter

Get the inside skinny on our official trend-tracking team

Find out what being a Style Spotter involves, what it can do for you, and how to be considered for a spot on the team.