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High Point Market’s Style Spotters are home fashion trendsetters that showcase top trends at Market. Touring High Point’s showrooms, the Style Spotters post and curate their favorite looks to special Pinterest boards. Click the pictures below to track each Style Spotter’s picks and share their discoveries.

Our 2014 Team

Selected from among today’s most popular and influential designers and home fashion bloggers, each Style Spotter offers a unique perspective on style and a sharp eye for emerging trends.

Stay tuned in for the announcement of our 2015 team.

Fall 2014 Style Report

This Fall 2014 Style Report reveals the top trends from Fall Market, as uncovered by our Style Spotters team. Emerging from each Style Spotter’s unique perspective on home fashion, it spans a full spectrum of sensational ideas. Sit back, enjoy, and prepare to be inspired.

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See Our Style Spotters in Action

Style Spotters
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Style Spotting at the Fall 2014 Market, Part 1

Style Spotting at the Fall 2014 Market, Part 2

Style Spotters on
Fall 2014 Trends