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Style Spotters

Your 2016 guides to the looks that are shaping home fashion

Sponsored by Crypton Home Fabric, the High Point Market Style Spotters are home fashion trendsetters that showcase top new styles of each Market. Touring High Point’s showrooms, the Style Spotters post and curate their favorite looks to special Pinterest boards. Click the pictures below to track each Style Spotter’s picks and share their discoveries.

Our 2016 Team

Creative, influential, and recognized for excellence, each member of this year’s team is a renowned expert whose signature sense of style arises from her or his personal design philosophy.

Winter/Spring 2017 Style Report

High Point Market Style Spotters select the looks to look for in the new year

Each drawing on his or her unique perspective in home fashion, the prestigious tastemakers of our 2016 Style Spotters team offers a collection of products that exemplify the best in today’s home fashions. Enjoy this special assembly of innovative furnishings, distinctive finishes, gorgeous fabrics, eye-catching colors, thrilling patterns, and tantalizing textures from Fall Market.

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