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The Faces of High Point Market: Transportation Team

Meet our Transportation and Logistics team

It takes about 230 people to make sure your free airport, hotel, Park & Ride, showroom, and Go-anywhere shuttle is there when you need it. They all love making sure the one thing you don’t have to worry about is getting around Market, and they also look forward to seeing many of our regular guests every spring and fall. Meet some of the folks who enjoy adding a touch of small-town southern hospitality to our world-leading home fashion event.

Design Disruption: How Wellness and Sustainability Is More Than a Trend

Robin Wilson, Clean Design expert, wellness and sustainability advocate

Clean Design is a method of making “free to fabulous” wellness choices. Guiding clients toward hypoallergenic and sustainable design, you can grow your revenue by creating healthier environments. Learn how Robin built a business that speaks to 60 million consumers as you increase your understanding of the concerns and priorities that drive eco-friendly design and a non-toxic lifestyle.

Turn Web Traffic Into Foot Traffic; Google shows how to win the moments that win customers

Phillips Mitchell, Agency Strategist, Google Marketing Solutions

Smartphones, computers, and soon, virtual reality, are creating an increasingly complex and confusing world for marketers. Google shows you how to use new communications devices, venues, and tools to reach your customers in the moments that matter most, and move them from the virtual environment to your brick and mortar retail store.

Faces of High Point Market: Ridvan Tatargil

The owner of Eastern Accents shares his love for the world’s leading home fashion event

When you walk through the Elm St. entrance to Suites at Market Square, those happy people you see to your right are likely enjoying one of the many fun events at the Eastern Accents showroom. Hear why company owner Ridvan Tatargil chooses High Point as the place to share his passion for home furnishings, launch his latest lines, and brighten everyone’s day with his ever-present smile.

Faces of High Point Market: Ron Fiore

Fashion week for home furnishings as seen by the creative director for Century Furniture

With an expansive showroom that allows buyers to experience the full scope of Century’s capabilities, Ron Fiore spends a lot of time thinking about how to create great product. When the show opens, though, he finds that Market is all about people, building long-lasting business relationships, and creating magical moments.

What does Market mean to you?

It seems everyone has their own reason for coming to High Point. What’s yours?

A place to meet friends, catch the trends, network, get inspired, see what’s possible - and do an incredible amount of business. Those are just some of the reasons industry leaders gave us when we asked, “What does High Point mean to you?”

Style Spotters 2017 Trend Predictions

See where home fashion is heading in the new year

Drawing from their on-the-ground and at-Market experiences, our 2017 Style Spotters peer out onto the home fashion horizon to spy the shapes and colors, patterns and textures that will set the tone and pace of 2017. Use their predictions now to inform your Spring Market shopping plans.

Perspectives, trends, and innovations

Designer Short: Michelle Workman in the Suites at Market Square

Designer Short: Corey Damen Jenkins in the Hamilton Wrenn Design District

Designer Short: The Novogratz in IHFC

Designer Short: Farah Merhi in SALON

Designer Short: Vicente Wolf at InterHall

My Favorites: Lonni Paul

My Favorites: Jan Showers

What is High Point Market?

The Faces of High Point Market: Libby Langdon

The Faces of High Point Market: Hilmar Starcke

What inspires you?

My Favorites: Anthony Baratta

My Scoop: Michael Tavano

My Scoop: Drew McGukin

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