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Lloyd Flanders Industries Inc

Showroom: 110 - Market Square, Floor 1
Shuttle Stop: 29 (Red Line)

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Outdoor furniture, indoor style. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from and collections ranging from traditional to modern, Lloyd Flanders® has something for everyone.

When the Flanders family purchased the Lloyd Manufacturing Company over 30 years ago, we made a commitment to honor the history and heritage of the company, and to maintain the high quality standards our customers have come to expect. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment combined with over 100 years of tradition and furniture knowledge to produce the finest American wicker furniture. Combining the best of the old with the improvements of the new yields heirloom-quality furniture to be enjoyed for generations to come. We're proud to be a family-operated business in Menominee, MI, and we're dedicated to growing and fostering the relationships we’ve built with our customers. We value your trust in our company and we'll always do our best to exceed your expectations. Welcome to the Lloyd Flanders family.

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Lifetime Achievement Award from ICFA 2015

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