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Johnston Casuals Furniture, Inc.

220 Elm - 306, Level 3

Shuttle Stop: 4 (Green Line)

Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm

Johnston Casuals is a custom contemporary furniture producer. Our skilled artisans have been crafting a wide range of distinct furniture since 1981. An architectural approach focused on sculptural simplicity separates Johnston Casuals from its competitors. Our facilities stay up to date by using the latest technology and production techniques, including robotics, laser cutting and automated powder-coating.

9am - 11am, October 14

Sunday Cafe Latte


220 Elm, 306 Level 3

Neighborhood: Market Square and Elm

Shuttle Stop: 4 (Green Line)

Browse and sip our showroom with lattes and pastries from our hometown coffee experts, Anchor Coffee.

RSVP Required

Introducing: Johnston Causal's Morpheus.

Johnston Casuals Furniture