Onsite Processing Fee

As part of our initiative to expand High Point Market’s position as a world-leading furnishings show, and make it a model event among all trade shows in all industries, High Point Market Authority is looking for ways to streamline our operations, in addition to seeking new funding from sponsors, industry suppliers, and our public partners.

Our onsite registration system is one of our more significant, nonessential costs. We classify this as a nonessential cost because we also maintain, also at a significant cost, an online pre-registration system, which is available to all attendees from approximately 14 weeks before each Market opens.

To offset some of the cost of maintaining an onsite registration service, High Point Market Authority charges a $30 processing fee. This fee will only apply to those attendees who choose to register on site for a Buyer or Industry pass. Persons who qualify for an Exhibitor or Press pass will not be subject to the onsite processing fee.

Buyers who choose to pre-register online will receive their passes for free, even if they pre-register after we have stopped mailing passes, and must therefore pick up their passes on site. Persons attending with an Industry pass must pay a $55 registration fee per pass requested, and will also be subject to an additional $30 processing fee if they choose to register on site.