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The Studio

IHFC - IH401, Commerce, Floor 1
Area: InterHall

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse

Corporate Phone: 336.398.2790

Inspired by the fashion runways of northern Italy, The Studio by Tiger Leather offers residential leather and hair on hide rugs for luxurious spaces. From full grain hides to baroque embossing to foils and furs, our collection is vast and varied and brimming with individuality.

As purveyors of high-end leather, we work with only the finest Italian tanneries. Add to that, all of our articles are hand-selected among premium-grade hides. All Studio leathers – especially our hair on hides – are natural products that vary in color, grain and hand. Distinctive markings and color variations are natural characteristics that demonstrate our leather’s authenticity.

In addition to leather for furniture and fixtures, our unique selection of hair on hide rugs ranges from contemporary to traditional. Conceived by a diverse group of award-winning designers from around the country, every Studio rug is meticulously hand-cut and hand-stitched to ensure optimum quality. The result is a synthesis of color, texture and expert tradecraft.

Beyond the articles and rugs in our running line, The Studio also accommodates custom designs, and can tailor specifications according to your needs. From decorative wall hangings to leather headboards to splashy throw pillows, our resources and expertise can be redeployed in any number of inventive ways.

This devotion to interior design excellence is what drives us, pushing us to ask ourselves... What now? What new? What next?

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