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Chelsea House

200 N. Hamilton St. - S Ct 104, Floor 1

Shuttle Stop: 18 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Hamilton Wrenn

Corporate Phone: 252.977.1577

Known for being ahead of the trends and superb
quality, Chelsea House is the designer resource for
lighting, accent furniture, art, mirrors and decorative

Introducing - the Kristi Nelson for Chelsea House.

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4pm - 7pm, April 2

Mixer Madness


Chelsea House, 200 N. Hamilton St., Floor 1

Shuttle Stop: 18 (Red Line)

If you prefer the FAB FIVE over the FINAL FOUR, join the fashionable madness at Chelsea House Saturday night at Market. Our five men and women A-team of design talent will be ready to go one-on-one with Chelsea House buyers and influencers. The lineup includes Bradshaw Orrell, Jamie Merida, Shayla Copas, Elizabeth Wicker and Kristi Nelson.. Alas, the night will be incomplete without you. Come for fun, convo, nibbles and toasts. Join the fun!

1pm - 2pm, April 3

Marketing Luxury Design to Attract Affluent Clients


Chelsea House, 200 N. Hamilton St., Floor 1

Shuttle Stop: 18 (Red Line)

Join interior design business coach and author Melissa Galt for a dynamic roundtable discussion about the not-so-obvious secrets to finding and attracting affluent clients. Earn the luxury projects you dream about when you discover the #1 quality needed to attract this clientele, as well as how to build trust and credibility, once you've secured the contract. You'll walk away with a checklist of profitable strategies to employ when marketing luxury design. After the discussion, the design trade's one-of-a-kind guide to working with the best, "Marketing Luxury Design: Attracting Affluent Clients," by Melissa Galt will be available for purchase and book signing. We will be serving lunch at noon before Melissa's talk.

Speakers: Melissa Galt

RSVP Required

4pm - 7pm, April 3

European Celebration to Introduce the Kristi Nelson Collection for Chelsea House


Chelsea House, 200 N. Hamilton St., Floor 1

Shuttle Stop: 18 (Red Line)

Join us as we celebrate the unveiling of the Kristi Nelson Collection for Chelsea House. Kristi's laid back luxe "grand tour" features designs inspired by her favorite places in Europe and the US. We'll celebrate with a St. Germaine cocktail, French macarons and heavy hors d'oeuvres reminiscent of the culture, fashion and zeitgeist of the world’s best cities reflected in her collection. With stops from beguiling London hotels to the fantastical grottoes of Tuscan gardens, we’ll toast the joie de vivre of Nelson's curated selection of pieces from her Contemporary Neoclassical, Art Déco Influences, Grotto, and Nature’s World on display. The Kristi Nelson for Chelsea House collection includes lighting, furniture, mirrors and accessories.


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