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Chelsea House

200 N. Hamilton St. - S Ct 104, Floor 1

Shuttle Stop: 18 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Hamilton Wrenn

Corporate Phone: 252.977.1577

Known for being ahead of the trends and superb
quality, Chelsea House is the designer resource for
lighting, accent furniture, art, mirrors and decorative

Introducing - the Shayla Copas Collection for Chelsea House... Timeless and unexpected, the Shayla Copas collection delivers classic pieces with the unique twist for which Shayla is known. From lighting and accessories to furniture, the collection showcases a range of products that will infuse any space with style, sophistication, and whimsy.

Our brands consist of:

4pm - 7pm, October 17

Sips and Shares


Chelsea House, 200 N. Hamilton St., Floor 1

Shuttle Stop: 18 (Red Line)

Enjoy Bourbon and conversation with Bradshaw Orrell, Jamie Merida, Shayla Copas and Elizabeth Wicker!


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