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Shifman Mattresses

108 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., 3rd Fl

Shuttle Stop: 25 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Hamilton Wrenn

Corporate Phone: 973-589-2400

Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, Shifman’s luxurious, hand-crafted mattresses are built with the same commitment to quality, integrity, and true craftsmanship that the company was founded on in 1893. Thoughtful devotion to detail and selection of the world’s finest materials ensure that the beauty of a Shifman mattress goes beyond the surface. Shifman’s world class artisans employ techniques and design principles that have endured the test of time, making the company’s mattresses among the most comfortable and long-lasting products available today.

Shifman believes in crafting all of our products by hand to ensure that our standard of quality is being met. More than 50 dedicated craftspeople precisely hand make each high-quality Shifman mattress. Each mattress is finished, inspected and packed by hand to ensure the utmost attention to detail.

Shifman’s exclusive Sanotuft technique produces an unparalleled buttonless tuft eliminating shifting and bunching by interlocking all layers of the mattress securely in place. Shifman also remains one of the few mattress manufacturers that continues to produce two-sided mattresses. A two-sided mattress can be flipped for extended comfort life and durability.

A mattress and boxspring set that offers comfort and support is key to a refreshing night’s sleep and with our personal touch, we can make that promise to you.

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