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Momeni, Inc.

IHFC - H345, Hamilton, Floor 3

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse

Corporate Phone: 201.549.7220

Momeni is a leading manufacturer and importer of fine rugs, carpeting, home furnishings and accessories. Our cornerstone, "A Tradition of Quality", is a guiding principle that runs through each and every product we offer. For more than 40 years we have led the innovation and expansion of the rug industry while honoring the time honored traditions of quality and craftsmanship. Our design lines feature everything from traditional, handmade oriental rugs to luxurious wall-to-wall carpeting to signature design lines for fine retailers and our passion for quality, innovation, and design has established us as a leading authority.


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Round 2 of Lemieux et Cie by Momeni

Product News - Lines & Launches

Momeni, Inc., IHFC, Hamilton, Floor 3

Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Five new collections and additions to new collections! Come see them for yourself in our showroom H-345!