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Milliken & Company

Market Square Tower - 409, Floor 4

Shuttle Stop: 29 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm

Corporate Phone:

Milliken Specialty Interiors is changing the industry every single day.

And we’re doing it by focusing on more than the color, feel, texture or performance of a fabric; we’re doing it by focusing on the future, as well. That’s why you’ll find Milliken fabrics in some of the most thoughtfully designed homes, offices, hotels and hospitals across the world.

From acoustic panels and sofas to privacy curtains and task chairs, our unrivaled knowledge and unmatched service provide our customers with forward-thinking solutions that enhance their products and strengthen their brands. That knowledge comes from more than 150 years in the textiles industry. And it comes from more than 100 PhDs on staff and 5,000 worldwide patents.

Our history — and the expertise it imparts — makes us more than just a mill. We don’t simply make fabric; what we ultimately produce are solutions. Whether it’s as simple as a custom color or as complex as creating an environmentally friendly, water-repellent fabric that still satisfies industry regulations, we answer your challenges.

Introducing Breathe By Milliken™

Breathe fabrics are a collection of unique, eco-elegant performance fabrics. Breathe textiles are durable, repel everyday stains, clean easily, and are sustainably designed using natural or recycled fibers and a remarkable plant-based water repellent.

Visit www.breathebymilliken.com for more information.

Breathe by Milliken Cleaning Demo

Breathe by Milliken - Performance without Chemistry

Breathe by Milliken - Sustainability

Breathe by Milliken - Consumers in Mind

Breathe by Milliken


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