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Artitalia Group LLC

200 Steele - 110, Floor 1

Shuttle Stop: 17 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Hamilton Wrenn

Corporate Phone: 480-367-0905

Specialty Italian WOOD INTERIORS boutique and customization shop, including the sought after Foglie D’Oro hardwood flooring collection, extensive furniture, kitchen, and wall cladding designs. Made in Italy 100%

Our brands consist of:


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Modular Walnut and Oak Wall Cladding Code 3D

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Artitalia Group LLC, 200 Steele, Floor 1

Neighborhood: Hamilton Wrenn

Shuttle Stop: 17 (Red Line)

High-quality Walnut or Oak wall cladding in 4 different patterns, offering an exquisite wall covering solution in rigorous geometric patterns created with parallel lines. Main uses: covering for existing walls, doors for cupboards/wardrobes/made-to-measure furniture through doors (swing doors, or pivoting doors flush with the wall cladding)