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Mainly Baskets

Suites At Market Square - M-6000B, Mezzanine

Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line)

Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm

Mainly Baskets is the custom design company for sophisticated, classic style rattan furnishings and high-end basketry.

We are dedicated to using all natural raw materials that is sustainably harvested including (but not limited to) rattan, sea grass, palm leaves, mahogany wood and more. Everything is handmade and imported. We offer custom designs, sizes, colors and fabrics to provide truly unique high end products for both the design and hospitality trade.

Mainly Baskets is often seen in publications such as Coastal Living, Veranda, Southern Living, Traditional Home and more.

Everyone knows when looking for high quality, best in class customer service and care in the all natural hand woven category - Mainly Baskets will never disappoint.