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Art and technology meet at SPLASHWORKS, where a team of uber-creative artisans and detail-minded manufacturing mavens work side by side to make artful home décor, including wall art, decorative pillows, fabric wall covering and tabletop. At the Fall 2022 #HPMKT, SPLASHWORKS is thrilled to launch new artist Annika Rhea, an immersive action painter and movement artist based in Brooklyn, NY, as well as an eight-piece, exclusive collection of fine art photography by Chicago based, Steven M. Koch. Additionally, we will debut new pieces from NC artist Shelley Roupas, digital landscape artist Siobhan O'Dwyer, digital abstract artist Sarah Hamlett, and local photographer Sam Delaisse. There's always something new afoot at SPLASHWORKS. Look for new pithy pillows, tabletop, and floor coverings. We love to create and innovate. SPLASHWORKS game-changing new technologies allow the faithful reproduction of original art, custom graphics, famous (and oft infamous) quotes and content of all ilk directly onto fabric. Product size varies from throw pillows to sky’s-the-limit sized panels – only mild exaggeration. Customizations make our day. SPLASHWORKS is a founding member of HPxD, the movement to open High Point's storied showrooms year-round. We walk the talk. Our shop, trade showroom, office and workroom located in a 100-year-old hosiery warehouse, has been made over with a fresh modern vibe. SPLASHWORKS is open for #HPMKT and otherwise Monday-Friday, 9-5. Please do come calling!

Splashworks Introduces Sarah Hamlett: Artist Bio

Splashworks will launch a collection of 25 works of art from Chapel Hill area artist and interior designer, Sarah Hamlett. Embracing all medium – from acrylics to digital tools – Sarah's abstract canvases are capacious and colorful. This her first High Point showing.

Splashworks Introduces Siobhan O'Dwyer: Artist Bio

Siobhan O'Dwyer is a digital creative influencer and artist based in New York City and California. Splashworks is set to introduce five new pieces to her acclaimed Wildflower Collection at the Spring 2022 at the spring Market. Read Siobhan's bio here.

Splashworks to Host 3-Day Flash Sale Prior to Market Kick Off, March 29-31

Splashworks is launching 50+ introducions at the Market. Something’s gotta give. Last Market’s floor samples and overstocks must be sold to make way for the new. All first quality. Deep discounts. All ready to take-with.

Splashworks Introduces Two New Artists to High Point, Plus 50+ New Intros & A Calendar of Events

Splashworks is set to make waves at the Market. The home décor brand will introduce two new art reproduction collections from emerging female artists Sarah Hamlett and Siobhan O'Dwyer, plus dozens more items. Splashworks is made in High Point which means nearly instant gratification for clients.