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Innersense 3D

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We’re a located in Miami, FL. We began our activities in 2012 as a small company, with a simple question: “Why do we stil sell furniture as we used to do in the 60’s?” 4 people, hard-workers, and a small office. It started like this. Today, Innersense 3D is: • 30+ employees, including 3 PhD’s • More than 20 000 furniture modeled in 3D. • Etablished in both North America and Europe. • Some of the biggest furniture/appliance companies. Innersense 3D brings you to a new digital era! • Up to 100 configurations per product. • One of the fastest 3D/Augmented Reality technologies. • High quality rendering. • Proudly established in the US. Here for you whenever you need.3D and Augmented Reality experts for home furnishing industry Innersense is your 3D and Augmented Reality expert in the Home Furnishing industry. Our sales tools are built to fit your needs and help each actor to find the right solution, enhance your products and increase your sales. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or website, we have the right solution for you!

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