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ALEAL by Planum

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SINCE 1975 ALEAL has been creating luxury furniture and accessories since 1975. Our collections have been installed in prestigious residences worldwide and in many exclusive commercial and hospitality projects. ALEAL's products range from case goods and upholstery to mirrors and accessories and are produced with the best quality materials at our factory in the north of Portugal. Using state of the art manufacturing technology, we take the highest quality woods, metals, glass, lacquers, leathers and fabrics and combine them to produce a spectacular array of sleek, superb furnishings that bring ALEAL's unique style to distinguished homes. ALEAL is a family owned business. Started by Zeferino Leal in 1975 from a small but very successful furniture factory, Aleal has now entered its fourth decade and its second generation. Zeferino's daughter's, Daniela Leal and Sandra Leal grew up in the business and are uniquely qualified to provide ALEAL with present and future Leadership. While ALEAL has changed with the times, a core of strong family values remains at its heart. ALEAL's primary goal is Customer Satisfaction. In addition, we are guided by our enduring commitment to Excellence, Elegance and Quality in all our actions.

Our brands/collections consist of: