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Jensen Outdoor

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Elegance Rooted in Nature. Jensen Outdoor isn't just a brand; it's a legacy. Nestled in the heart of luxury, our pieces are more than mere furniture—they're a testament to the art of living. With every curve and contour of our award-winning Trellis, the Modern Ipe-Wood Lounge Chair, we've sculpted a narrative of design, delight, sustainability, form, and function. A narrative that earned us the prestigious 'Design Excellence' Award for Seating Without A Cushion in 2023. From the lush, sustainable forests of Bolivia to your pristine patio, our journey is one of passion and precision. Every piece of timber we use is a chapter in the story of Eastern Bolivia—a land where family and forestry intertwine. Our bond with Bolivia is deep-rooted, we manage over 2 million acres of its dry-tropical forests. With meticulous FSC®-certification processes, we trace the lineage of every timber, ensuring that the wood gracing your outdoor space has a tale of sustainability to tell. "Made to Inspire" is our ethos. Our Ipe wood, harvested from century-old trees, is a testament to timelessness. As you lounge in our heirloom-quality pieces, know that you're not just experiencing luxury, but also legacy. A legacy that promises to stand the test of time, just like our furniture. Choosing Jensen Outdoor is more than a style statement; it's an earnest pledge to the planet.