Broad Hall - 300 W. Broad Ave. Shuttle Stop: 27 (Red Line) Neighborhood: North Elm

General Public

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As an art lover and collector, I became fascinated with the concept of finding great works and sharing them with the general public. Our focus on thoughtful curation, along with a dedication to new printmaking technology, is redefining how we collect art. Portia de Rossi | Co Founder Introducing The Synograph ™. All the detail and texture of the original — the only difference — more people can own it. The Synograph™ is a fully textured artwork printed on canvas. The General Public Synograph™, a groundbreaking 3-D technology, redefines the limits of printing, recreating every detail of the original artwork with total fidelity. Capturing the nuances of brushwork and technique, these textured prints are an authentic expression of the artist's hand.