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It is on the lands of Breton legends and traditions that Lissoy came into being 15 years ago. Far from the ephemeral dictates of decoration, it is another logic that guides Jacky and Tatiana Huard through each of their collections. Only their eyes count, the fruit of their inspirations and their desires.Lovers of the material and its raw and sincere treatment, the colors are soft, harmonious, complementary. The Lissoy’s house tells a story of timeless interior, where each detail is discovered with wonder, discreet and yet so obvious. Nothing is left to chance, but nothing is imposed, it is just this perfect balance which that makes the beautiful work, humble and durable. Lissoy is an audacious and creative adventure. The material is declined in a soft washed linen, a surprising satin, a luxurious silk and cotton or a sponge mixed with hemp. From the bedroom to the table, through the water rooms, the window dressing or the bedheads, you will only need to make the colors rhyme with each other as the product offer is so large. If the color sets the tone, Lissoy enjoys natural harmonies, deep half-tones, the palette oscillates between earth and sea and invites us in a delicate and benevolent way to make us rethink our lifestyles.

Our brands/collections consist of: