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Here at Zodax, we strive to bring you a taste of the remarkable wonders of the world through interior decorating. From the mountainous terrain of the Mediterranean, to the crystal-clear waters of Montenegro, this year’s collection is inspired by a diverse array of cultural wonders that will transform any home, hotel, resort or special event into a well needed repose from the stresses of daily life. Embark on a revitalizing journey browsing through our selection of elegant glassware and serving pieces, or handcrafted baskets, stools, photo frames, home fragrance and vases. Each item attests to the unique contributions of our distant and neighboring countries by highlighting the incredible craftsmanship we so often take for granted. We aim to design an eclectic collection of high-end home decor pieces from modern and traditional, to minimalist and avant garde. Our décor will transform any space to reflect the creative innovations of our decorators and aid them in bringing their creative visions to life. We hope to transpose our love of travel into this year’s selection of products, by showcasing the immense array of culture, creativity and beauty that surrounds us every day. So, this coming season, ignite your creativity and make a statement by introducing a few worldly treasures to your clients and showcasing these stunning home decor items in your stores.