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folio21 is recognized for our forward looking styles combined with quality and features typically only offered at the high end suppliers. Our focus is on creating a true differential on retail showrooms and allow the dealer the opportunity to separate his/her offerings from the maze of sameness that exists in today's bedroom and dining categories. We offer container direct pricing and we stock our products in Vietnam for mixing. We only use premium veneers and highest quality finish suppliers. The combination of on trend designs, superior features and beautiful finishes on quality veneers makes folio21 a must have supplier and sets a new tone in your store that shows you are a leader in the home furnishings arena and not a "me too" follower of tired and duplicated styles that are so prevalent on most retail floors. Please stop by in High Point and see the line in person. The products will earn your business..... We are a container only resource, however we do offer mixed and split container services.