October 22-26, 2022

IHFC - IH103, Commerce, Floor 1 Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal) Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse Corporate Phone: 814.827.7864


Bontempi Casa

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Bontempi Casa is the story of a family, it is the story of Italian industrial excellence which has evolved over time thanks to the far-sighted vision of its founders and since passed on to the second generation: Massimiliano, Annalisa, Michele, and Laura, who have cleverly transformed the company from an entrepreneurial to a managerial model. The industrial project is in continuous development, and the investments are aimed at expanding the offer while maintaining the highest quality standards. All supported by the financial consolidation, commercial reliability and know-how of the Colombini Group, of which Bontempi Casa has been a part since 2021. The sale of part of its shares to the San Marino Group is in line with the overall strategy pursued by Bontempi Casa, which aims to continue leading the company while extending its reach through collaborative partnerships, following its own path of growth, but as part of a broader group economic and financial strategy. Every year, we invest in increasingly innovative and cutting-edge machinery, tools, and programming software, with a view to continuously improving the quality of our products. We wish to maintain a well-defined and recognisable identity, which breaks the mould of stylistic conventions, fashions, and short-term trends.


Click the following link and download the 2021 and 2022 Bontempi Casa photographic material https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m0zbopnsdmngdqi/AABzt-L2h__1DBr-9rd5cjeHa?dl=1