IHFC - IH103, Commerce, Floor 1 Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal) Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse Corporate Phone: 011-39-071-7304112 Area of Interest: InterHall


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Bontempi Casa

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Over 60 years of continuous research with the aim of pursuing beauty, comfort and absolute quality. Always looking to the future by combining partnerships and market conquests: today Bontempi Casa is a crossroads of values where design and material know-how, design, technology, manufacturing quality and ancient knowledge come together.Thanks to a healthy balance between tradition and innovation, the Bontempi Casa collections skilfully interpret living and contract spaces, with products that can be inserted in either existing or custom projects. We propose a genuine living philosophy that reflects personal styles and natures; since the outset, innovation has forever been the protagonist alongside a tailor-made vocation expressed through attention to detail and customisable solutions. The living collection is a project based on coordinated and consistent style, where furnishing and architecture are merged and every room is designed for its unique inhabitants. We believe that the quality of style improves life in the home. Every aspect of Bontempi Casa, from the collection to the materials and finishes, from its digital communication to selling tools, is inspired by the idea of formal and functional quality, harmony and precision. The strive for consistency in the details is essential for us, because it expresses our corporate identity and the quality of our proposals.