Centers of High Point: Russell - 112, Floor 1 Shuttle Stop: 3 (Green Line) Neighborhood: Centennial Wrenn South Corporate Phone: 410.321.6222


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As the global leader in Tibetan rugs, Tamarian specializes in both stocked and bespoke hand knotted carpets. Drawing from hundreds of designs offered in a variety of fashion-forward palettes, Tamarian rugs are as honest as the material and hand that weave them…offering unparalleled value and luxury to those who recognize their true heirloomed quality . The Tamarian team is a scrappy crew of true "ruggies" that have honed their skills in concert with friendships forged over shared experiences in the industry. Service to our clientele is our core essential value, shared only with our respect and fealty to our partners overseas who are the heart of our operations. We love what we do and have fun sharing that energy in every interaction. Our creative engine is never idle and our showroom is an ever evolving display of new designs, qualities, and colors reflecting emerging trends and classic motifs from the canon. To help navigate the prolific amount of product, Tamarian boasts a newly revamped website (2020) with real-time inventory information, beautiful imagery with powerful filtering/search tools, and an online Virtual Custom Studio that invites the imagination to create endless custom colored palettes and even view product in your own space!

1pm - 2pm, April 12

CEU: “How to Sell More Rugs to Your Clients; And BETTER rugs for BETTER results."

Educational Tamarian, Centers of High Point: Russell, Floor 1 Neighborhood: Centennial Wrenn South Shuttle Stop: 3 (Green Line)

Selling rugs, particularly higher-end, hand-knotted qualities, to a client can be intimidating to the uninitiated but typically proves to be the most cherished and celebrated element of an interior. This CEU presentation looks to instill the confidence needed to sell high-end by teaching the basic knowledge needed to identify “quality” and then technique to navigate this more sophisticated level of rug. What’s the difference between machine-made and hand-knotted? How do I tell the difference in person? What are rugs made from? How are they made? And how does all this affect the price? Finally, we look at techniques to strengthen a Designer’s ability to lead a client on this journey and perhaps take them to the ultimate rug destination.

CEU Hours: 1

Speakers: Ned Baker

Tamarian Continues High Point Showroom Expansion for October Market

Learn about the new TERRACE space and BRAND NEW product debuting at this Fall's market!

Tamarian Launches Revamped Website

Powerful filtering and search tools are added for more efficient curation of the newly added available inventory.