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A STUNNING RELINING SOFA AND RECLINER CHAIR COLLECTION SIMPLY MAKE LIFE BETTER For us comfort and ultimate relaxation are a matter of heart. Combining unique contemporary looks with state of the art recliner technology yet not compromising on comfort is a challenge which Himolla have mastered for many decades already. We create favorite places where you can relax both physically and mentally. What began in a tiny small town workshop just outside of Munich, Germany more than 70 years ago has long since become one of the largest upholstered furniture manufacturers in Europe. With 3,000 employees and representatives in more than 60 countries worldwide, himolla is one of the few truly international players on the upholstery markets. himolla stands for chic design with the unmistakable and recognizable style of head designer Tamara Härty. Our furniture is proudly handcrafted and has earned a worldwide reputation for top quality and reliability. They embody ultimate comfort and technical sophistication with innovative and unique features. Finally, our entire product range is available in a wide selection of the finest leathers and fabrics.