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AMAX Leather

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Discover the world of exquisite leather upholstery designs with AMAX Leather. With a rich history of serving the North American market, we pride ourselves on delivering superior products and captivating styles. At AMAX, we offer an extensive selection of both motion and stationary leather upholstery, catering to your every need. As your reliable partner, we have forged a strategic alliance with our factories. To ensure quick and efficient delivery, we maintain warehouses in Southern California and High Point, North Carolina, and the Northwest. AMAX is dedicated to fulfilling all your leather upholstery requirements. Our collections embody exceptional design, boasting remarkable leather finishes and meticulous construction. We source materials from trusted global suppliers and utilize premium components, ensuring unparalleled quality. Our team of talented designers brings forth innovative designs, consistently surpassing our own expectations. Brace yourself for a remarkable lineup of astounding products that will leave you awestruck. Experience the distinction of AMAX Leather and elevate your space with our remarkable leather upholstery offerings.