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Circa Loft

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Circa Loft's artisan-crafted lines meld old-wood woodworking with trending global designs. Our pieces are hand-fashioned using repurposed wood, giving them a unique quality and character. Additionally, the wood and finishes on our products are fully customizable to suit the unique likes and preferences of our customers. In addition to the standard lines that we stock, Circa Loft also provides large-scale OEM manufacturing to some of the industry's leading names. Many have been impressed by our capacity to produce high-quality, authentic products at very competitive price points, and we think you will be as well. Lastly, Circa Loft offers one of the most unique collections of country antiques from the less-traveled world. Our buyers live permanently in some of the most culturally diverse intersections of the globe. It is in these corners that we find the most interesting and yet simple country antiques with exceptional wood and unique folk art painting.