IHFC - D237, Design Center, Floor 2 Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal) Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse Corporate Phone: 1-800-667-7296


Celadon Art

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Celadon Art is an established art house, creating exclusive high-end images that are designed, printed, and manufactured on site. We search the world for inspiration to create our outstanding selection of artwork, and our award-winning design studio produces a broad range of stunning and memorable framed art. Our multi-disciplinary team specializes in combining traditional art techniques with digital technology to create mixed media works. The studio is committed to the highest levels of quality whether we are producing originals, composing new images from our library of assets, or elevating historical works. The designs created by our team are exclusive to Celadon Art. Our unique style is born from a combination of elements; A nuanced understanding of art history and the context surrounding our work; Careful consideration of the most important trends in the world of art and design; A measured amount of forecasting what’s just beyond the cutting edge; And our own creative flair, informed by the diverse contributions of our team members. All of our pieces are designed and manufactured to meet our highest standards.

Celadon Art - Fall 2022

Our release from Fall 2022.