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Imab Group S.p.A

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Responsibly linked to our roots, we are a company of people capable of building the future with the courage and passion of those who have a dream: to design and create furniture, services and projects to make customers happy in their homes. We have combined the craft tradition with continual innovation in production and a constant orientation towards our stakeholders and their needs. Our entire organisation is built around respect for what we have learnt over the years, from our founder through to the latest additions to our organisation. This is clearly reflected by our products and our furniture solutions. For a long time now, bedrooms have been acquiring a role which reaches far beyond that just of places to sleep. Bedrooms are places for intimacy, for personal relaxation and for reflection on the day that has just ended. And for this reason, not only the bed, but other items of furniture are also gaining importance. IMAB Group’s professionalism and capabilities are the result of the vast experience acquired by the group over the years, including the production of modular bedroom furniture and matching items for the sleeping area. This is why we are the largest Italian bedroom manufacturer.