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True Innovations

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True Innovations’ mission is to be the global market leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality home and office products, which provide value, style, and innovation, that improve the way people live and work. More than ever before, today’s consumers are demanding product that uniquely matches their individual tastes, at a price that they can afford. Our goal is for every customer to feel that they have purchased a piece of furniture that affords them the style they are looking for and at a price they love. Moreover, one that translates to a real value. With entire lines of product that are rich with innovative features, functions, and design elements, we strongly believe we have achieved exactly that. With the end result being an improved all around consumer experience, whether at home or in the office. We are a world class innovator and manufacturer of home, entertainment, and office furnishings. As an organization we focus on developing unique trend setting product designs that bring amazing design concepts with solutions for nearly any price point. We support our retail customers with creative merchandising programs. Our business model is vertically integrated, allowing us to have complete control of all phases of product development, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service. Our manufacturing plants are second to none, and ensure a quality product is delivered to our consumers worldwide.

Our brands/collections consist of: