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Greenhouse Fabrics

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For four generations, Greenhouse Fabrics has been a robust resource for the upholstery and interior design trade. From our Anna Elisabeth line of on-trend multipurpose fabrics to Greenhouse Fabrics upholstery essentials, we have what your clients are looking for all in one place. We've built a reputation on unparalleled customer service and commitment to family values. We love empowering our customers, who are part of the Greenhouse Fabrics family. Arnold Bjork founded our family fabric business on the tenets of being trustworthy, honoring your word, and treating employees and customers like family. We espouse those same values today. Our clients see those principles in everything we do, from providing unique, high-quality fabrics to delivering unparalleled customer service. Our goal is for every client to know that Greenhouse Fabrics will always go the extra mile on their behalf. As part of that commitment, we’re happy to offer One Yard Memos, Free Samples books, and Free Memos. You can text, call, or email us your fabric needs and we’ll do complimentary research for you. When you call before 3PM Eastern Standard Time, you’ll receive same day shipping. For four generations, our family has embraced the tradition started by Arnold Bjork, whom we fondly refer to as “Mr. B.” Mr. B. valued the power of being positive, trustworthy, and kind. His integrity and grit helped him found the company so he could support his mother and sisters; today, his great-grandchildren and all Gre

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