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415 W. High Ave.

Shuttle Stop: 29 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: North Elm

Corporate Phone: 706-255-2546

Aloka is committed to seeking potential in existing resources to create arrestingly beautiful, well-designed products for the home. Our premium kantha throws, made from layers of saris that were hand-stitched some 60-80 years ago in India, are picked, one at a time, for their material integrity and design. We shampoo and soften them to give the pieces our signature "snuggly feel" and then we get busy designing and cutting pillow collections from them in our Atlanta studio.

Aloka is about connection and comfort. Our team— a small group of artists and textile afficianodos— embraces the beauty of the quilts “as-is” and is also passionate about reenergizing them with custom overdyes and block prints. We even treasure the smallest remnant and design products with them that compliment our line and express our care for the craft and planet.

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