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Abner Henry

214 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

Shuttle Stop: 16 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Hamilton Wrenn

Corporate Phone: 330.674.0836

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for a virtual tour of the Abner Henry Highpoint Showroom.

Abner Henry has launched to rave reviews, in part because it is something completely new and different. The story we tell through Abner Henry is about our obsession with design and our strong, American-made values and heritage.

We remember how furniture used to be made in America. Every step, from milling the lumber to design, building, and finishing was done right here in America, one at a time.

Somehow, over the decades, that American-made magic has slowly been destroyed as the industry has embraced value engineering and cost cutting in order to boost profits.

First, manufacturing was moved across the ocean in order to take advantage of cheaper raw materials and labor. Then, designs were pared down in order to scale manufacturing.

At Abner Henry, we are trying to bring that magic back.

We'd love if you'd visit our showroom to learn more.

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Abner Henry


Abner Henry Spring 2021 Showroom

Virtually tour our Spring '21 Highpoint showroom and get a glimpse of the new collection we introduced.