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311 S. Elm St.

Shuttle Stop: 4 (Green Line)

Neighborhood: Russell & Green

FurnitureDealer.Net is the internet partner of more than 100 leading local full service brick and mortar furniture retailers. The company helps its clients be successful multi-channel (brick and mortar and internet) retailers. The company builds and manages custom websites, publishes and manages product information, and works closely with clients on their online marketing and business strategy. The FurnitureDealer.Net "Hangout" space located at 311 South Elm Street is a comfortable, private members only lounge and meeting space at the High Point market. It is closed to the public. It has private parking, meals and refreshments, comfortable meeting areas and various other amenities for FurnitureDealer.Net clients, FMG members and invited guests. If you are interested in learning more about FurnitureDealer.Net, their public showroom is located on the first floor of the Plaza Suites building in the Retailer Resource Center. The company can be visited online at www.FurnitureDealer.Net.

FURNITUREDEALER.NET TO “HANGOUT” IN HIGH POINT LONG TERM Internet Marketing Firm Purchases Building/Property Located in the Heart ofHigh Point Market District

Burnsville, MN, August 25, 2014—FurnitureDealer.Net is set to create a permanent “Hangout” space in the heart of the High Point Market district, and has purchased the officebuilding and surrounding property located at 311 S. Elm Street between Green Drive and East Russell Avenue for that purpose. According to Andy Bernstein, founder and chief executive of FurnitureDealer.Net, the 1,850-square-foot, solid brick building situated on approximately half an acre includes a grass-covered backyard ideal for entertaining purposes and 50-plus parking spaces in a private, off-street parking lot close to the main market showroom buildings. The building is located just a block-and-a-half from the Plaza Suites building and across the street from the Braxton Culler showroom. Bernstein intends to use the property as FurnitureDealer.Net’s High Point Market “Hangout” space, a hip environment created exclusively for the firm’s retail clients. The company unveiled a similar space, modeled after premium airport frequent flyer lounges, at the Las Vegas Market earlier this year. Bernstein says renovations are well underway at the property, and the company is planning a grand opening during the upcoming High Point Market in October. “We are very excited to make FurnitureDealer.Net a permanent part of the High Point Market landscape,” the executive said, adding that the company’s Hangout Spaces are designed to be the physical embodiment of the FurnitureDealer.Net brand. “We are devoted to fostering collaboration and communication amongour exclusive community of retail partners, all of whom are veryfocused on continuous learning, improving, and excelling as multi-channel,‘brick and click’retailers,” Bernstein related. “Our new High Point space will enable our clients to network freely with one another in a relaxed, non-selling environment, and to share their ideas and insights about internet strategy, as well as their challenges and successes with like-minded executives. We hope to alleviate some of the compression of their Market days by ‘inventing’ time before and after the days start and end, sharing our parking lot with clients, serving up hot breakfasts in the mornings, and refreshments during evening ‘after’ parties.” Throughout the day, the FurnitureDealer.Net Hangout space will offer plenty of refreshments from the well-stocked kitchen and bar planned for the new space, and Bernstein is outfitting the property’s green space with plenty of cozy outdoor seating for evening gatherings. “Like our Las Vegas Hangout space, the atmosphere we envision will be hip, young and smart,” Bernstein sums, “enabling our clients to make the most of their time here at Market, with each other and with our team.” FurnitureDealer.Net will also continue exhibiting where it has always been,in the NAHFA Retailer Resource Center. About FurnitureDealer.Net: FurnitureDealer.Net is a home furnishings specific, internet marketing company focused on developing and implementing full-service internet solutions to help independent brick-and-mortar furniture retailers leverage the internet to grow their businesses. Clients include many of the largest and most successful independent furniture retailers in North America, as well as several of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.