April 22-26, 2023

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Jennifer Mabley

Austin Handler

Mabley Handler Interior Design

F/22 Picks

Hudson Valley Lighting

Kert Pendant

Ive always loved industrial lighting, but the lines on this pendant are exceptionally beautiful. There’s something about it that evokes vintage lighting in a New York City subway station from years gone by. But there is also a softer edge to this fixture, which we found out was more than just an accident: I was told by Hudson Valley Lighting that over the years many of their product designers were male, so many of their fixtures had a harder utilitarian edge to them. But in recent years, as they’ve hired more female product designers, they now have an increased selection of fixtures that have softer, more elegant lines to them. From Hudson Valley Lighting: “Kert combines glass and metal in a fresh and functional way. A pair of half-round, clear glass shades are enclosed behind the bulb and mounted on a ring of metal at the center, giving the piece an impressive, sculptural feel. Large in scale and highly versatile, Kert is available as a wall sconce that can be mounted vertically or horizontally, a linear, and a pendant and chandelier in two sizes.”

Made Goods

Deandre Dresser

This marbleized poured-resin dresser from Made Goods was a show-stopper, I spotted it from across the showroom, and it just got better the closer I got to it. The finish is a swirly marbleized high-gloss lacquer, very reminiscent of the process that originated in 12th-Centuray Japan, and then spread to places like Turkey, and then later popularized throughout Europe, appearing in various countries like Germany, Spain, Italy and England... The most recognizable form of it now is in the marbleized papers that Florence is famous for. From Made Goods: “Hand-swirled, each marble-like Deandre dresser is uniquely crafted and will show a range of high-gloss swirls. Soft-close drawers offer ample storage.”

Jaipur Living

Canteena Clanton Rug

These rugs from Jaipur Living are gorgeous and fascinating: While they look exactly like normal (but beautiful) woven rugs, they are actually digitally-printed and made of 100% polyester, so they are fully water/spill-proof. AND… They are rubber-backed for traction, so you don’t need to use a rug pad with them, making them the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, pool houses, and spas. Such a clever, practical innovation! From Jaipur Living: The Canteena collection combines the charm of timeless designs with easy-care, livability for any home or lifestyle. The Jesse design delights with Southwestern mini-medallions and intricate geometric borders in hues of orange, pink, beige, and brown. This digitally printed assortment of rugs features stunning abrashed designs that are matched with a traction backing ideal for heavily trafficked, hard surface spaces such as entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Global Views

All Leather Chair - Deep Red

I’m not a “red” person, so for me to fall in love with something red, it has to be pretty special… And this all-leather chair from Global Views is exactly that. It may have a barely-there minimal design, but what is there is Sexy AF, as the kids say! We all know what a chair looks like (or is supposed to look like), but I love it when a designer can create something in a silhouette that feels that they’re turned people’s expectations on their head, and created something new… And for me, that is precisely what this chair does. From Global Views: “A wise person once said you can never have too much leather and we agree! Our All Leather Chair features an iron frame wrapped in deep red leather. (Waxed Red Leather, Polyurethane Foam and Polyurethane Fiber Sheet).”

Julian Chichester

Ruffle Coffee Table

I’ve seen quite a few scallop-edges pieces throughout market, but what made this coffee table from Julian Chichester so special is seeing that scallop detail used on the bottom of the table: It created a cloud-like effect, and the aged brass plinth on the bottom helped created a floating effect… So, what might have been a heavy, slab-like table now appears to be floating effortlessly, just wonderful! From Julian Chichester: “Ruffle Coffee Table is a playful take on the very commonly seen block coffee tables. Wrapped High Glass White Vellum, contrasts beautifully with the Aged Brass plinth. (Vellum is a natural skin with no two pieces exactly alike, therefore variation in shade and tone along with physical characteristics are inevitable and may change over time.)”

Branch Home

St. Lucia Rose Quartz & Brass Lamp

You can’t look at the St. Lucia lamp from Branch Home and not feel happy! It has such a fun, playful vibe, feeling both contemporary, and yet evocative of the 70’s at the same time. It’s offered in several variations, but I loved this combination of brass and rose quartz. While brass has been enjoying a resurgence over the last few years that seems to be going away any time soon, I feel like pink is also having a moment! So Im definitely down to get my groove on under the illumination of this groovy lamp!

Dovetail Furniture & Designs

Alessio Dining table

The Alessio Dining table from Dovetail features two design trends that I’ve been noticing: 70s/retro styling, and over-scaled sculptural furniture elements. I’ve seen this layered/repeated U-shape motif in several new pieces throughout the fall market, from wooden chairs at Noir/CFC, to metal legs on a console table at Bernhart, to canvas artwork at Left Bank… So it’s definitely a thing. It has a deco-feel, but is also feels connected to the 70s (Again, maybe it’s the graphic designer in me, and maybe I still have the Olympics on my mind, but there’s something very reminiscent about this shape, the concentric/repetitive U-shaped element reminds me of the logo for the 1968 Olympic summer games in Mexico. But graphic design logo-nerd stuff aside, what really put this table on my radar was the use of a large-scale geometric pattern carved (routed) into the wooden table legs/base. I love this movement of creating very intentional sometimes over-scaled graphic shapes in furniture pieces, as if to say form doesn’t HAVE to follow function, they can be equal partners, marching hand in hand.

Jamie Young Company

Milo Decorative Mirror

As with several other pieces I Style Spotted, the Milo Mirror from Jamie Young feels both modern and retro at the same time… The thin, clean contemporary lines created with rope-wrapped metal bars balance wonderfully with the sexy 70’s styling. And, as a former graphic designer, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the shape of this mirror and the logo for the 1976 Olympic winter games in Montreal… The shape is definitely evocative of those times, yet this mirror feels perfectly appropriate for a boho-chic beach house of today. Product Description: “Three metal round mirrors are accented by oblong oval shapes hand-wrapped in natural and light-colored jute rope to create this contemporary mirrored art piece. The bold layers, shapes, and textures are truly hypnotizing, pairing both natural and industrial elements. Create a focal point in your home with this eye-catching decorative mirror.”

Highland House Furniture

Polly the Ping Pong Table

Design can be fun… Sometimes it can be REALLY fun, and the playfully-named “Polly the Ping Pong Table” from Highland House is DEFINITELY fun. Technically, it’s a dining table… But it just so happens that it’s the exact dimensions of a ping pong table, so you can transform from a lively dinner to an even livelier game of ping pong with the quick, simple addition of a clip-on net… And then it’s BYOP: Bring your own Paddles. And if that’s not enough fun for you, the table as shown here can be wrapped in one of their whimsical wallpapers, making for a super-fun statement piece even while its standing all by itself.

Mr. Brown London

Prades Low Cabinet

While I’ve seen a 70s-era retro styling trend across multiple vendors, one trend within a trend that Ive also noticed has been capsule-shaped furniture pieces… I’ve rounded corners all over the place, on console tables, side table, and very beautifully done on the Prades Cabinet from Mr. Brown. But what makes this piece stand out is not just the great lines and rounded corners, it’s the juxtaposition of the subtly faceted cabinet doors and drawers. And the brass contrast frame around the front of the cabinet pairs perfectly with the brass hardware.


The Libby Langdon Elliot Candelabra

Libby Langdon’s “Elliot” Candelabra/pendant light for Crystorama is another fantastic example of an industrial-style fixture that has been softened by a woman’s take on the design. This fixture is reminiscent of retro-era utilitarian industrial factory lighting, but with very elegant lines. I love the stacked glass rods, arranged in an arc to soften the industrial blow… It has curves on curves on curves! The fixture still has a solid presence that commends your attention, but does so in a beautiful way.

V Rugs & Home

Roma Pillow Collection

If you haven’t noticed the recent boucle trend over the last couple of markets, you may not be an interior designer… Or, you may be dead ;) It’s been a LOT… And I’ve gone from Boucle All Day to Boucle No Way real quick! However, I remember thinking at last market, if boucle is going to stick around, someone’s going to have to start doing something different with it. And sure enough, here we go: V Rugs & Home introduced these super chic reverse-embroidered boucle pillows. The boucle is finer with a looser weave, and the addition of a retro-pattern embroidery adds a subtle focal point (subtle by design, because by reversing the embroidery, you end up with a softer cross-hatch pattern instead of a heavy stitch).

Bernhardt Furniture

Lucia Fabric Swivel Chair

I don’t know if its accurate to say that “furniture that moves” is a trend - I think it’s a direction that we’re not coming back from. I’ve seen dining chairs on casters, I’ve seen rolling ottomans, and I think we’ve all seen the proliferation of swivel chairs. So with all the choices out there, its always exciting to find one that takes your breath away. I love this Lucia Swivel Chair from Bernhardt: Unlike me, it has perfect pitch… You don’t miss the lack of a real arm because the womb-like shape of the chair offers full support. The upholstered pedestal base is also a nice touch.

Sagebrook Home

Jackson Sofa

There has been no shortage of modern sofas at market this fall, but what I loved about the Jackson Sofa from Sagebrook Home was the floating arms with nested bolster-style arm cushions. Aside from the great styling, the floating arms will also prevent the dreaded toe-stubbing when you’re leaping off the couch to go to the bathroom during a commercial break.

Bones Studio

Quarry Sofa

While the Quarry Sofa (and associated pieces of the Quarry collection by Bones Studio) is not brand new to this market, it is a stunning (and surprisingly comfortable!) example of the Parametric furniture trend. The term Parametric refers to parameters and statical variations which, when charted produce a curved graph. When that concept is applied to furniture, the results are typically sloped/curved structures that are created by the assembly of uniquely-shaped individual slats, slabs, planks, or discs, usually spaced and stacked, sometimes, cross-hatched. As you can imagine, this type of design would be practically impossible before the invention of 3-D computer modeling and CNC routers… But now, as the saying goes, the only limitation is your imagination.

Corbett Lighting

Peony Pendant

I literally stopped in my tracks with a skid when I walked past this Peony pendant in the window of Corbett Lighting. The term “modern organic” gets thrown around a lot, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen something that fits the term so perfectly. Available is various sizes, you can make a statement in a large bedroom down to a small powder room or walk-in closet. When viewed from different angles, the fixture looks alternatively like flower petals, a tear drop, or a heart… I love a fixture that changes its appearance based on the viewing angle. From Corbett: With its panoramic lighting, striking design and stand-out materials, Peony is anything but a wallflower. Handcrafted pieces of gold or silver leaf delicately wrap around opal glass globes. Soft light reflects off the rich metal, adding to the fixtures elevated organic feel.

F.J. Kashanian Rugs

Laguna Blue Rug

I really dig the 70s surf vibe of the Laguna Rug from F.J. Kashanian… The name perfectly embodies both the retro-surf vibe of Laguna Beach, California, but also the more modern coastal design aesthetic of Laguna. Of course these rugs are customizable in any color, and I’m sure we would love it in many color variations, but the ocean blues and beachy sands that we saw it in encapsulate the name of it perfectly.

Leftbank Art

Deep in the World 1-3

I love the design of this Deep in the World series from Leftbank Art, the pieces are individually striking, but their beauty multiplies when you group them together, especially butted up against each other. And that’s the genius of the versatility of Leftbank, their ability to let designers tweak and customize their creations, specifying size, color, and framing options. But what I really love about this grouping is the three-dimensional nature of the artwork, not just in the kinetic feel of the raised lines, but also the gentle almost topographical curves in the thickness of the pieces themselves… As good as it looks from the front, the experience is enhanced as you look at it from the side.

Villa & House

Evan Desk

There’s definitely been a trend towards mixing traditional materials like rattan and caning, and using them in more modern ways, and the Evan Desk from Villa & House is such a great example of that. The crisp, modern lines of the desk are softened by panels of caning on the privacy screen that surrounds the perimeter of the desk… And speaking of that privacy screen, that seams to be a mini trend itself, we saw several new desks at market with privacy screens. So, for all of those people still working from home: No copying off my paper!

Ryan Studio

Willow Tree Blush Pillow

We’ve been using pillows from Ryan Studio for years, but we especially love these new pillows, which are based on wallpaper patterns. These are the Willow Tree Pillows in Blush, and they are based on a wallpaper of the same name by Thibaut – They intentionally keep the name the same so people know the connection. I’m not a matchy-matchy guy, but I like that they do that, so people know. I especially like that they didn’t shrink down the design, they kept the scale large to give it a more contemporary feel.

Studio A Home

Unity Pedestal w/Glass & Bronze

I’ve started seeing more and more versatility in furniture, pieces that haves storage, or are multiple purposed: Ottomans with pull-out drink shelves, side tables with built-in lamps… But I’ve haven’t seen a combo side table/plant stand in a while… And then, there’s here comes the Unity Pedestal from Studio A and I’m into it! I love the versatility, and I love the height! Obviously you need to use it properly in the right space, but it could work equally well as a pair against a wall to bring height and drama on the sides of a sofa, or as a floating single statement in a larger space.

Ro Sham Beaux

Francesa Bar

Heres another gorgeous example of traditional caning used in a more contemporary design: The Francesa Bar from Ro Sham Beaux. I love the oversized, over-tall dramatic scale of the bar, and the floral inset caned panels are so whimsical! The parapet-shaped flourishes at the top are squared off, contributing a modern style to a detail that would traditionally be more rounded/scrolled. This is a piece that would work equally well in a modern or traditional home, or resort/hotel. In fact, I would LOVE to go to a hotel where my room has a bar like this. Like, right now!

Unique Loom

Ultra Vintage Persian Rug

You might not think that there’s much innovation possible when it comes to the Persian rug market… And if you’re one of those people, it might be that you’ve never heard of ultra vintage rugs. Ultra vintage refers to rugs that are reclaimed and refurbished to refresh them and give them a better/new life. Think adopting a pet… Or, maybe that’s not quite the right example, mostly because ultra vintage rugs are often shaved down, bleached, over-dyed, and/or patched up... And that describes the amazing blue and grey ultra vintage rug that we Style Spotted from Unique Loom. Not only are these rugs beautiful and unique, but they are an eco-friendly choice as well, as the purchase of one keeps one more old rug out of landfills, and one more new rug on the shelf.


Byrde Cabinet

The Byrde Cabinet from Noir/CFC is a perfect example of the trend towards furniture pieces becoming more sculptural, with designs that far outshine the functional capacity of the piece. This bar cabinet is business on the top and bottom, and a party in the middle… The eye-catching accordion-styled center portion connects an upper bar cabinet and lower drawers. And to even limit this item by referring to it as JUST a bar is unkind… This piece could serve just as well as a hallway storage cabinet or a linen cabinet, or even a hutch for china and flatware. Whatever it’s being used for, it’s not going to have to fight for attention.

Revelation by Uttermost

Cordata Table Lamp

While there is definitely a trend toward round/softened corners in the furniture world, the Cordata Table Lamp from Revelation by Uttermost pushes back against that notion, as if to say: “I’m square, and that’s OK!” The chunky rectangular wood base combined with a perfect Lucite cube beneath that makes for a VERY smart, sharp and on-trend lamp.