April 22-26, 2023

Style Spotters Picks Are Here

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Rachel Mautner

Rachel Mautner

Rachel Mautner Interior Design

F/22 Picks


Sheba Table Lamp

Geometrics have played a huge role in the fall market. The Sheba Table Lamp immediately caught my eye as I entered the Noir showroom. It is unique, sexy and bold. The black lampshade is the perfect finish to this gorgeous silhouette.

Regina Andrew

Cabaret Fringe Chandelier

The Regina Andrew showroom is a go-to lighting source at High Point Market. The Cabaret Fringe Chandelier provides movement and texture, all while being functional. This poppy and playful fixture would be the perfect fit for nurserys and kids rooms. I selected this piece for its beautifully died fringe and brass frame.


Santorini Chair in Mongolian Fur

Mongolian lamb has been an absolute favorite statement application because it effortlessly becomes a focal point for any room. Its feminine, sexy and glamorous. Which, is a triple threat in my book. This chair itself was comfortable and supportive. Would love to see this installed in a dressing room or teen bedroom.

FORM Design Studio by Global Views

LHomme Stool in White

Incorporating the human form in interior design is a no brainer. Theres an elegance that follows these types of silhouettes. In the spring market, I style spotted a bodice lamp base, and I wanted reiterate in the fall market how much I love this element of design. Id LOVE to see this by a bath tub or in a primary suite.

Loloi Rugs

Good Morning Collection - JB Spice

Spending lots of time growing up in the south Florida, Ive always loved Art Deco design. From the furniture, finishes and architecture. I dont believe a lot of things are timeless, but to me, Art Deco is. I love the softer feminine shapes, and warmer color pallet of this rug. I was immediately transported to Miami as soon as I saw this, and knew it deserved a style spot!


Brianza Mirror

Hand-brushed, solid wood spheres line the outer edge of a wooden frame, all in a natural finish. Mirror features a generous 1 1/2 bevel. May be hung horizontal or vertical.

Hooker Furnishings

Jaiden Three Door Credenza

The Jaiden Three Door Credenza was tucked away at the back of the showroom. After nearly Style Spotting a different product, I found this one and fell in love! This piece has three different patterns and color pallets, one to each door, easily creating a focal point for any space. The concealed storage is a huge plus in my book. Id love to see this credenza with a large scale black and white portrait or neon sign over it.

Theodore Alexander

Quadrilateral Desk

When I say this desk is an absolute show stopper, thats exactly what I mean. Its glossy finish adds depth, while the painted pattern creates texture. The color pallet is neutral, allowing for other elements in the room to be more pronounced. It was paired with a beautiful aqua, velvet desk chair. The visual merchandising at Theodore Alexander is so well done, its one of my must-sees when I am in High Point!

Interlude Home

Pierre Acrylic Backhgammon Table

When Covid-19 struck, we found ourselves spending a lot more time at home. Home entertainment is important, especially if you enjoy hosting guests. Interlude Home effortlessly combined glamour with gaming, and made it cool. This table has a glass top on it, that can easily be removed to play backgammon. I am excited to see what else Interlude Home has up their sleeve for home entertainment!

Interlude Home

Leona Swivel Chair by Rayman Boozer

This was the first thing I saw when I entered the Interlude Home showroom and I immediately knew it deserved a Style Spot. I truly had a hard time trying to decide between the backgammon table or this swivel chair by Rayman Boozer, so I thought why not both?! The color composition of the velvet and the vinyl base was equally as well executed as actual form of the chair. This is a collaboration I loved!

Bernhardt Furniture

Tegan Coffee Table

The Tegan Coffee Table is a modern twist on nesting coffee tables. From a birds eye view, it looks like a singular piece of stone being held together by metal. The contrast of the light metal, to the darker stone creates a chic visual element. While the metal is textural and the veining of the stone is striking, making the perfect duo in a singular table.

Nathan Anthony Furniture

Sweetheart Ottoman

Nathan Anthony has made it to my Style Spot list for two seasons now, and theres no question that I will continue to visit them for any future market visits. Their collections are versatile and unique to Nathan Anthony. This best selling ottoman made it to my Style Spot list, not only for its adorable silhouette, but its customizable options. Its comfortable to sit on or pair with the matching lounge chair.

25 Mackenzie Lane

Headboard Pillow

Prior to this market, I had never been to 25 Mackenzie Lane. I have been looking for a bedding outfitter, and SO happy I came across this showroom. I thought this was an innovative product and I had not seen it elsewhere. Instead of having to buy an entirely different bed frame, you can easily zhoosh up your bedroom by simply adding the headboard pillow. You can customize the size and fabric of your headboard pillow, and they fabricate it right in the showroom in High Point. This is a clever solution that makes a big impact!


Lazo Mirror

After visiting the Noir showroom in IHFC, I made it a point to also visit CFC. I stumbled across this mirror that I thought was unique and functional, my two favorite things. Seeing your reflection from two different angles creates a visually intriguing piece. For such a simple mirror, it really has that wow factor.


Romeo Console Table

Theres something about furniture design, when masculinity perfectly balances femininity. The form of the Romeo table is simple and masculine, while the brass inlay and nude leather soften up those harsh lines. When form follows function, you have created a beautiful solution.

Visual Comfort

Pertica Chandelier

Visual Comfort Co. was displaying Kelly Weastlers latest collection. After taking a closer look, I found this GEM hanging from the ceiling. This collection included table lamps, chandeliers and sconces. Lately, Ive been loving alabaster applications in interior design, and this was no exception.

Laura Park

Monets Garden Blue Melamine Plate

During market, I wanted to find a tablescape designer. Known for her textiles, Laura Park has launched a table scape collection that I adore. From table cloths and napkins, to silverware and plates. This is just one of the gorgeous patterns she personally creates in her studio, and has them printed on to plates.

E. Lawrence Ltd.

Gold Stencil

This was the last Style Spot I gave out during my journey on style spotting! Eddie, the owner, educated me on the background of E. Lawrence Ltd. and walked me through his product. Its funny how a finer details like the spine of a book, can impact the entire ambiance of a room. I loved innovative, clever design and thats precisely what E. Lawrence Ltd. embodies!

Accent Touch LLC

Juju Feathered Hat

This small showroom was packed with a punch. I love that there was cultural background behind the product, and the variation of colors and sizes available. Personally, I incorporate texture in my designs, from the floor to the ceiling. The Juju Feathered Hat by Accent Touch is truly creating livable art.


Gonzalez Pedestal Chair in Black

Ill be honest, anything tulip based, is a winner in my book. This combines a classic mid century modern silhouette, with a transitional, comfortable twist. This chair is comfortable and affordable, two words I wish existed together more in furniture design.


Blue Skull

Dave, the artist and owner, took the time to walk me through his process, inspiration and background. What I loved most was the use of color and the type of content he was painting. I was blown away with the range of original works on display at market. I am eagerly looking forward to see what Dave works on from here forward! Huge fan here.

Bertu Home

Drip Stump

Perfectly named, the Drip Stump caught my eye as soon as I entered the Bertu Home showroom. With their latest collection on display, it was tricky to just choose one piece to Style Spot. The Drip Stump is kiln dried, handmade in Ohio, and commercial grade. This piece is a no brainer if you really want to have a conversational piece in your home that is not only artful, but also functional.

Orfeo Quagliata Studio


In the basement of Taracea, theres a studio where Orfeo Quagliata displays their incredible collection of blown glass. Perched on a shelf, I discovered these exquisite sets of glassware; Ranging from shot glasses to champagne flutes. Each one unique and custom. All of the shapes of the glass and the color composition inside of the glass were all customized.


Phillip Plein - Dining Table Enjoy

Bold, striking, and seductive. What more do you need for a dining space? The entire new collaborative collection with Eichholtz x Phillip Plien was so well executed. The wall coverings, lighting, and textiles were impeccable. This dining table made me feel like I was in a luxury penthouse bachelor pad, over looking Manhattan. When a piece can transport you a specific place, I think that says it all.

Ngala Trading

Zebra Hide Floating Chair

Ngala Trading strikes again. Known for taking materials and applying them in other ways, I feel that Ngala has easily paved their own way in this industry and continues to push their creative direction forward. When animal hides are applied in other ways, other than rugs, I am immediately attracted to them. The simple, modern form of the frame, complimented with the zebra hide, certainly deserved a style spot. With so many new pieces in their showroom this fall, I am eager to see whats new in the spring.