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Grand Image Home

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Grand Image HOME evolved as a natural extension of our successful parent company Grand Image and a chance meeting between myself and Cody Ables, the CEO of CODARUS, a national management company representing curated lifestyle brands. Bringing fine art to hospitality and commercial spaces for over twenty years, I’m proud to launch this extension of Grand Image geared specifically for the home environment. Grand Image HOME was designed so that every individual can curate their own personal and unique collection. By consistently carrying select artists and frame designs throughout each line, the artwork can be mixed and matched for a polished and personalized look no matter your style. From bold statement pieces by Van Hoang, to intimate ornate illustrations by Marie Lawyer, serene atmospheric Maeve Harris abstracts, and dramatic modern photography by Chris Dunker, there’s truly something here for everyone. Enhance your living environment by adding artwork to your space. Bring Grand Image HOME.

Our brands/collections consist of: