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Flexsteel Industries, Inc. is a global leader in the design and production of quality residential furniture and serves as the parent company to the Flexsteel and Homestyles brands. Employing more than 1,600 team members worldwide, Flexsteel Industries is governed by a Board of Directors and operates under a set of beliefs and values stemming from a rich and longstanding heritage of quality craftsmanship. Known for its Blue Steel Spring™, as well as numerous other design and manufacturing innovations, the Flexsteel brand is carried by more than 1,300 retailers nationwide. The Homestyles brand sells smart and affordable style direct to customers, in addition to partnering with online home retailers, such as Amazon and Wayfair. A permanent Flexsteel Industries showroom is located in High Point, NC. While the organization has been in business for more than 125 years, our commitment to comfort and craftsmanship has remained unchanged with furniture that’s built for life and designed for living.

Flexsteel Celebrates Early Achievement in "Plant a Tree" Campaign as Earth Day & Arbor Day Approach

_Flexsteel Zofa Revolutionizing Rest Press Release

Flexsteel Announces Blue Ribbon Product Launches at High Point April Market

Flexsteel Industries is excited to introduce its Blue Ribbon product launches at the April 2024 High Point Market. The initiative represents Flexsteel's commitment to enriching retailer offerings with products that captivate customers, stimulate demand, and boost sales through exceptional design and

Flexsteel Takes the Indoor to the Outdoor with its Best-Selling Collection

Flexsteel Seeks New Horizons with Record Product Launches at April Market

Flexsteel Introduces Innovative Products to Enhance Home Comfort

Flexsteel Announces Strategic Partnership with Promoboxx to Enhance Digital Marketing for Dealers

Flexsteel is taking its local digital marketing to new heights in its partnership with Promoboxx, an innovative dealer marketing support platform. This partnership was formed in response to the growing demand for social media marketing support.

Flexsteel Industries Embarks on Green Initiative in Collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation

Flexsteel Industries is excited to announce its recent partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, marking a major milestone in the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. Flexsteel's initiative aims to plant 13,000 trees by July 2024.

Readers Ranked Flexsteel Industries First in the Accent Upholstery Category for 2023

Flexsteel Expands Additional PD&E Model Shop Press Release

SleepScore Labs Research Reveals Flexsteel Zecliner Enhances Perceived Sleep Quality

SleepScore Labs, a leader in sleep research and innovation, has announced the findings of its latest validation study for Zecliner. These findings highlight the importance of comfort and adjustable sleep surfaces in promoting satisfaction with sleep.

Flexsteel High Point October Market 2023 Press Release

Flexsteel Partners With City of Hope: Together We Can Build a City of Hope

Flexsteel adds experienced Senior Brand Marketing to Growing Team

Flexsteel Industries Invests New Showroom in High Point, NC.

Flexsteel Industries is on the move in High Point. For those of you familiar with the old IHFC location, don't worry - they haven't moved far. The new showroom will now be located on the 6th floor of the same building, offering a transformed experience for buyers, employees, and visitors.

Flexsteel Enters Sleep Category with Launch of Zecliner

Flexsteel introduced a new line of recliners, Zecliner, that provide an alternative sleep solution beyond conventional beds. Designed and built with restful sleep in mind, Zecliner addresses a wide range of sleep-related issues such as sleep apnea, pregnancy, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Flexsteel Is In The House

Entirely new and elevated showroom presentation reflecting brand’s transformation set to wow in High Point

Flexsteel Putting A New Spin on Power Recliners With MOV 360

Power motion chairs combine true 360-degree swivel function with high-end appeal

Flexsteel's Brand Getting a Contemporary Update

The entirely new Flexsteel.com is a head-turning departure for one of the industry’s most reliably traditional furniture brands. Styled like the cool, clean sites of lifestyle-driven specialty retailers, it is the first volley in a major refresh that will no doubt attract a new generation of buyers.

Flexsteel Turns a Page

Flexsteel has an entirely revamped brand website designed to develop a seamless experience linking their digital platform and their brick-and-mortar dealers to better meet the needs of today's consumers. To learn how you can #LiveYourLifsteyle, please visit www.flexsteel.com.