Style Spotters

Meet your guides to the styles and stories that are defining home fashion

Chosen from among today’s leading design professionals, the High Point Market Style Spotters have a keen eye for what matters most in home fashion. Always on the lookout for the styles and stories that are redefining home, they share their expert perspectives with you before, during, and after Spring and Fall Market.

Style Spotters: A Look Ahead

Our 2022 team predicts the new year’s moods, opportunities, and home fashions

Rich with opportunities to look at things differently, 2022 promises another rethinking of what the home means. Looking to harmonize with nature and seeking authenticity, consumer desires may drift toward natural woods and natural colors. For some, a warm minimalism may help create places of quiet and repose, while others may seek self expression in a deeply layered aesthetic. Best of all, with so many new thoughts taking us in so many new directions, 2022 promises to be another year of growth.

2022 Style Spotters