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Thayer Coggin Inc

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Thayer Coggin is one of the most celebrated names in luxury home furnishings. Entering into business in 1953, Thayer Coggin carved out a unique identity in the home furnishings market through a commitment to modern, classic design. Through founder Thayer Coggin's vision and Distinguished Design Award honoree Milo Baughman's creations, Thayer Coggin has amassed a collection of some of the most recognizable furniture designs in the world. Thayer Coggin upholstery is bench-made with the same craftsperson upholstering the entire piece. Our furniture is produced in our North Carolina studios and is tailor-made to the client’s exact specifications. We offer hundreds of fabric choices in a variety of colors, patterns and materials, and we gladly accept client supplied fabrics. Many of our products are available in a variety of wood and metal finishes.

Thayer Coggin Unveils Liquid Table by Designer Rick Lee at Spring 2024 High Point Furniture Market

Crafted from sand cast aluminum, the Liquid Table is inspired by the graceful motion of a drop of milk or liquor. The table consists of a unique flowing metal design that creates the illusion of a pouring and pooling liquid, with an off-centered leg adding to its dynamic visual appeal.

Thayer Coggin Introduces the Good Wish Dining Chair: A Modern Marvel Inspired by Tradition

Thayer Coggin, a pioneer in modern furniture design for more than 70 years, proudly announces the debut of the Good Wish Dining Chair. Inspired by the cherished tradition of the turkey wishbone from holiday gatherings, this innovative chair features a distinctive three-legged design.

The American Home Furnishing Hall of Fame Opens its Doors with Exhibit of Milo Baughman and Thayer Coggin Furniture

The American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame opens its doors for the first time with a new exhibit featuring the furniture of Milo Baughman and Thayer Coggin. The exhibit, “Kings of Mod,” showcases the duo’s iconic and influential furniture and explores their design philosophies and impact on America.

Thayer Coggin Introduces its Artful, Mona Lounge Chair at Spring 2023 High Point Furniture Market

Thayer Coggin furniture is pleased to announce the introduction of the Mona lounge chair at the Spring 2023 High Point Furniture Market. Designed by renowned designer, Rick Lee, the Mona lounge chair is defined by a soft, biomorphic shape that hugs for an unparalleled lounging experience.

Thayer Coggin Launches Innovative “Playing Hooky” Collection of Modular Sofas at Spring 2023 HPMKT

Thayer Coggin furniture announced the launch of its new Playing Hooky collection of modular sofas. Designed by renowned furniture designer Rick Lee, the bold and whimsical collection features nine modular units that can be combined to create a customized sectional sofa to fit any space.