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Fashion Snoops
Fashion Snoops

In partnership with Fashion Snoops, join us at the Hall of Fame as we launch the latest FW 24/25 trend, pushing the ideals of what consumers will be gravitating towards for the upcoming year. This season we explore the younger generations mindset with Muse - a warm, funky and eclectic curation that speaks to the Gen Z mindset.

Muse: FW 24/25

An assemblage of old and new design, we focus on the collector's mentality. What feels obvious to the design world becomes a new zeitgeist for the younger consumer, these interiors are not tied down to one time or place, often representing many different eras and artistic movements. We crave sentimental pieces in the home that evoke feelings of heritage, interpersonal connection, and thoughtful artistry. This exhibit is sponsored by High Point Market Authority, the International Textile Alliance and the Hall of Fame.