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Kindel, Karges, Councill

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Kindel Furniture, Karges Furniture, and Councill Furniture combine to create Kindel Grand Rapids. We endure as the premier source for American-made luxury furniture in the United States today. A commitment to hand craftsmanship, hand carving, bench assembly and hand finishing has defined Kindel since 1901. Today, Kindel continues this legacy with fresh new designs and finishes, beautifully tailored upholstery, and offer three levels of custom design bringing your vision to life. Through flawless execution Kindel produces classic furniture from the Winterthur to the emerging collections from Dorothy Draper. Our ability to make furniture that is both relevant and timeless is the reason that Kindel has one of the longest and most storied histories in the United States. Recent acquisitions of heritage brand Karges Furniture (Evansville, Indiana) in 2014 and Councill Furniture (Denton, North Carolina) in 2015 has positioned the company uniquely as the preeminent, luxury furniture brand made in the United States that is committed to bench-made methods and superior craftsmanship. The three brands are joined together in the Kindel factory and collectively are known today as Kindel Grand Rapids. Each of our brands brings unique design elements and distinctive value propositions to our clients. Kindel, Karges, Councill and Councill Contract are stronger together and each complements the other in the marketplace.

Organizational Changes for Kindel Grand Rapids

Kindel Grand Rapids has appointed a new CEO and a new COO, effective 8/14/2023. Their previous CEO, Rob Burch, will move to have a seat on the Board of Directors.

Kindel Grand Rapids Introduces New Occasional Table Collection

Kindel Grand Rapids launches a new occasional table collection

Kindel Grand Rapids with Jacob Lukas Design

Kindel Grand Rapids collaborates with Jacob Lukas Design to create the instant classic, the Lyric Chest.

Kindel announces collaboration with Sasha Bikoff

Kindel Furniture has partnered with star New York designer Sasha Bikoff to introduce the loop de loop chest. True to the two brands style, the chest displays the finest craftmanship and Bikoff's trademark color and style. The items will be on display at the June market.

Karges announces the introduction of Truex by Scott Himmel

In keeping with the glamourous and timeless designs, Karges is known for, a fresh luxurious furniture collection, called Truex by Scott Himmel will debut at the June High Point Furniture market.

Kindel Grand Rapids launches work from home products in Facets

Kindel Grand Rapids is pleased to announce the expansion of their Facets program to include ‘Work from Home’ category products. The additions add to the program consisting of configurable chests and credenzas, bedroom, dining, occasional and bar products.

Kindel Grand Rapids Announces Additions to the Dorothy Draper Collection

Kindel Grand Rapids and legendary designer, Carleton Varney, president of Dorothy Draper & Company, continue their partnership celebrating the life of America’s original decorator.

Kindel Grand Rapids - Spring 2023

Kindel Grand Rapids includes 4 legacy furniture brands: Kindel, Karges, Councill and Councill Contract. We are united in our mission for made-to-order methods and superior execution, and collectively represent over 290 years of experience. We continue to build beautiful furniture at the highest level of craftsmanship in Grand Rapids, Michigan.